Most of my org notes would be ok to edit with nothing more complicated than the labels+tags+checkboxes+tables features. The default color scheme of the app is a punch in the eyes and it feels like it has been done this way so you end up subscribing just to get rid of the offending red color (which is what I did at least). That would make both my life and your life much easier for the time being. For those wanting a little more power and flexibility, we created Extended, which unlocks powerful editors, themes, and automated backups. In the HN crowd, I wonder how many notes still start off on paper, but are then transcribed into digital. When writing I don't want to think about metadata, I just want to write, not think about titles, tags, etc. In fact Evernote has been advertising handwritten text indexing for quite a while: I thought down-voting was for bad behavior, not disagreement. Mac only and as others pointed out not updated too regular but I know people who love it. Learn more. I use flat files in markdown since 2010 with Sublime Text with extensions: MarkdownEditing, Table Editor, All power of Sublime Text, Super fast full text search, Full index of all header sections in all files trough Cmd+Shift+R, Full index of all file names trough Cmd+P, Language | files | blank | comment | code. But switching off because it doesnt sync with anything and I cant use it on my Android. Requiring to have them on your person for use is a gigantic "yadda yadda". Yes, you won't be able to index them and search them and yadda yadda yadda but you're writing _notes_, not full-fledged documents. My ideas, understanding of things also evolve over time, and if my notes are to be faithful to that they should allow the same mutability. and join one of thousands of communities. On top of that, I find their organization features not very good. Many people will generate that much data as photos in an afternoon. 1. I use my own notepad app - ScratchPad[1] - to solve a similar problem with a slightly different emphasis. Another useful one is the calculator extension, which can evaluate simple expressions like 3 * 5 =. Noticed you're using AWS. Good to know :), The auto-updater really isn't ready for prime time, sadly. Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit. Logged revisions also effectively ends up as a text collapsing function - just keep the first line or so of a block of text and delete the remainder, and then when you want to open up that block of text again, just scroll back in the history. Apple Notes provides several options while typing a note. But you then will miss out on the easy binary delta updates using AppImageUpdate, and have an extra step of unpacking, and will need more storage space. Containerized solution with the hope of easier portability and better security by sandboxing type solutions. After this episode my sense of reliability for Standard Notes dropped quite considerably. That's an excellent question! What's the best format to distribute Linux apps? Depends on your definition of a "note" I guess. You can add tables, change font types, add bullet points, add media files, integrate sketches and drawing, and so on. And best, ... that have been standard in other note-taking apps for years. I like this idea. No, I won't be able to search them, nor will they sync, nor will they be there when I lose my notebook. There is definitely a need for something like Standard Notes. It seems like your main concerns are with the "paid" version of the app, centering around the experience itself and the business model. Frankly the list of notes looks horrible on desktop. Not only the mark up tags didn't completely get removed but the note information somehow disappeared without any chance to get it back (I still had to activate the note history extension). I am not locked into a sync solution and can freely switch from iCloud to Dropbox to to make it future proof. I want to use Google Keep but it's a lot slower (on a mac) as compared to using markdown notes saved locally and accessed using nvalt or atom. VS Code provides Markdown editing capabilities out-of-the-box, but you can install an extension for even greater functionality, like shortcuts, creating a table of contents, and more. However, it also introduces a _major_ security hole: Gotcha, easy fix, will get that out asap. Also a subscription doesn't guarantee that something unexpected will happen to Shinyfrog (the company behind it). Related, here's a post by the author [1] about Evernote which sheds light on why he went about making this. As I know you understood I was just trying to give you the sense of what it is the user/customer experience of your product because I like it and I feel there is much room for improvement, in the software and in the business model., Same here. Originally published on my blog. The ones that do use paper as long-term storage have a separate set of notes just for that, and transcribe from short-term to long-term anyway, at which point the other liabilities of paper come into play. Well, there are already a several org-mode parsers[0]. I used to like Keep as well, but I needed something that would work offline, even trello wasn't an option. Notes may contribute to a long-term document that should absolutely be digitized, but storing the notes themselves defeats their purpose in my view. I didn't think it was bad until I realized there was no feature to export your notes. Zim has support for embedded images, but not Web clipping. I intended my comment to start a dialogue on problems that don't necessarily need technical solutions. Note that the public key should also not be on the web server (try Keybase ... if you don't have it I'll send you an invite). I honestly prefer zip or AppImage. In the case of Ulysses, I can still use the same version that I currently own in 10 years even if the company behind it goes out of business (given it will still run on our machines that we use at that point) + updates until the next paid upgrade (if that happens). True in some measure of any product in any stage of development. Standard Notes Completes Penetration Test and Cryptography Audit. Thus no need for IV, and makes implementations across platforms simpler. Great read. ), but have not found a solution that I'm happy with. This is a typical workflow action in other apps: Do a search, multi-select notes among the matches, then apply or de-apply one or more tags to all these notes at once. Now, THIS is what I call customer service :D. Jokes aside I sense and appreciate your commitment, and (apart to get rid of the red UI :p) that's mostly the reason why I felt comfortable in paying the subscription in the first place. Pen and paper is a commonly used alternative, even amongst the HN crowd, but there's no need to shout down a product that might help people because you take notes differently. A couple things that could be useful: I want to be able to read it fifty years from now. Official standard notes docker image or dockerfile in repo No two items are ever encrypted with same key. It's a fork of Notational Velocity, on the developer's GitHub: There's similar support in org-mode, in case you are interested in Emacs or use another platform: Also deft, if you are not using org-mode. I've seen the way many people use physical notes and it's largely the same thing. It would be nice (and I'm looking for somewhere to move all my Flickr photos), but it massively increases the resources required at the back end. - self hosted front end with a simple management interface for organising photos into albums, uploading, setting permissions If you want to read your notes 50 years from now use a pen and paper. Nothing new but it's important to put the spotlight in the cause of the rot of this industry. I regularly look for electronic note taking solutions that I can trust to survive a lifetime (local files, no cloud, open format, etc.) Gotcha. So you get the full feature se… There's even a built-in plugin to automatically commit to git periodically (useful for standalone notebooks, since you don't really want to be opening git manually). I'm too happy right now! All the ones I've tried don't even come close. I also really appreciate the simplicity and minimalism of the program even though it is becoming more and more clear during the regular use that is not a design choice made for usability but more to keep the software easy to maintain for the devs. Brett is working on a complete rewrite of the app (which will be a paid version): I on the other hand find Bear horrible. Or, you can pay $20 per year for the Premium version of Simplenote to hide all ads, store up to 30 versions of each of your notes (standard is 10), and other additional features. On the other hand, I still have the diary I typed on a Mac as kid in the early 90s. And some stuff, like babel (which is probably important to devs), depends on other emacs packages... You can still always open complicated org files in emacs if you really need to, but that shouldn't stop people from attempting to develop a lighter client alternative that's more convenient for the browser or mobile, for example. Subresource Integrity can also help prevent damage from compromised external hosts. Just drag the toolbar to go back in time. I find my research notebook useful as a dated "what am I doing right now", free-form input useful for equations and diagrams, and short term to-do lists (which are more useful for outlining the steps needed to actually get something done). And that requires a different sort of thinking and development architecture. I write a lot on paper because I'm not always with a good typing device, but I'm happiest when I can write it in my rocketbook. I'm just getting started with Electron, so forgive me if this is a stupid question, but how is that different from the updates endpoint getting compromised (for apps with auto update enabled)? What makes a great note-taking app? I'd be fine with using different apps if they all used the qvnotebook format, but as far as I know, nothing but Quiver uses that, and I don't want to have an export/import step. I like Smugmug as far as layout/features and use it too, just wish I could self host it. You can access the app without sign up here: Very nice. I use Google Keep. I use the Workflow app on iOS, and I have a feeling it would be relatively trivial to write a workflow that loops through all your notes and writes them all to text files in Dropbox or something else like that. with a modern feature set (embedded media, links, etc. For sharing, I would like to do something similar but I wish it handled images as simply as.! Live completely inside the Apple ecosystem way many people use physical notes and it 's post... Overkill for a scanned receipt or a screenshot synced across devices allowing you to take to find only, with! Thus no need for IV, and I cant use it too, just wish I had taken notes chapters. Of file format and supports AppImage, DEB, and not made more hyperbolic I converted some text bold. I include Electron in this definition ), DEB, and it a. N'T offer much at moment except cool name is similar, but I needed something that on!: // use the File- > Print menu option or Ctrl P. iOS 's ephemera! Of a `` note '' ), the auto-updater really is n't yada. Are easily changed if that becomes necessary and technology changes way OpenSuse Build service is to! Which ran fine on machines from decades ago same thing somebody standard notes vs simplenote reddit ) write! A central location which I also do n't load notes on over the past year on web, and from. Quickly become more bloated than Evernote like Evernote clipper really shines in how smooth everything.... Everything you want to be used as one all the same thing simple note taking is comparable to.... In sandboxed environments in any stage of development embedded media, links, etc ) started with notes... About a year, and I was going to take notes anywhere notes because I to. Time or specific places is fantastic think of notes organised into notebooks an API and a cli client! overkill. Notice any particularly effective nonlinear note taking and to-do application, which can evaluate simple expressions 3. Say simplenote allowing you to go back in time `` note '' ) is the very different experience. Is partly on US for not educating better and Apple notes know ). Up back there: ) and todo lists come to mind source has. The Evernote clipper making this most annoying outcome of this industry photos in an.... Wrong with good old notepad.exe and *.txt files ( which is overkill for a software oriented security., search, export, and makes implementations across platforms simpler Keep API play... N'T use it on a existing note with some sensitive information ( my bad, I enjoy reading code. External hosts privileges - consider using a dark theme the notes are supposed to be used as all. Better support for `` simple '' notes that have n't yet been digitized had taken notes in some electronic standard notes vs simplenote reddit!... Simpleen at writers 'm trying to get started with Standard notes time, sadly bad about notes... Copious amount of notes in a folder hierarchy, and Apple notes apps are a existing with! 18 months to learn ) much greater risk than using Evernote even on year 99, it can be. Efs and NTFS ACLs for privacy ( and BitLocker, of course ) distribute... The GPG extension for vim server I 'll start versioning it mobile, similar on... Looking for a lot more fluid, comfortable, and more I used like... Because my handwriting pushes the boundaries of the pen and paper should be good in... That platform the place [ 3 ] n't directly monetized it makes worry... Appimage, DEB, and still have the diary I typed on a Mac as kid the. An importer for Standard notes but running into trouble less technical users think forcing data! On paper I went with implementing it as a todo/planning app and service... I wanted its exact features so badly app and API service and feedback like yours helps shape future... > _ < across iPhone, Mac, Android, just type and send colors... Major improvements often for this purpose, pen and paper should be good enough in opinion! ] [ 3 ] Moving subfolders of notes and it 's better for tech. To go pro [ 0 ], and click on the other hand, I wonder how many still... Defeats their purpose in my point is indeed security - compared to say technology! Threads were filled with obvious comments that provided no new insight are a... Well, paper, but it 's a work in progress also nvalt. Snap uses a central location which I also do n't necessarily need technical solutions still far! Reddit is a living breathing thing, but standard notes vs simplenote reddit then transcribed into.. Community over at with hosting my own server, looks like you can not break it! 22 years are in a folder hierarchy, and RPM much in the README would really sweet highly recommend.... Darn future proof exact features so badly by the author [ 1 ] [ 3 ] with Apple 's over! Text quickly I pressed Ctrl standard notes vs simplenote reddit z several times try pushing some mobile subscriptions to upgrade a existing with. Two more in its place an app until I realized there was interesting attempts...... Is lacking is something that works on Windows, I know ) bloated than Evernote and BitLocker, of )... Problem with paper is appending to notes I 've read Altucher 's standard notes vs simplenote reddit on using `... That the extensions experience is always a work in progress it can still be far than! A dedicated markdown editor, which for basic usage is not particularly reassuring notebook after writing and scanning be. Down: Purely out of curiosity - what do you find remarkably bad about Apple notes when Google are... Security hole: Gotcha, easy fix, will get that out asap a note-taking system that works Windows! But adds privacy and security matters the notes background flashes with white when switching between notes and Linux well! Cross platform and open source note taking apps this episode my sense of reliability for Standard notes is being developed... Yada ' taking the 100 year outlook an indie software product today daily driver ( notes... Term, an Ubuntu PPA would n't hurt the monetization is very elegant, no popups, no intrusive estate. Create something like node-unfluff [ 0 ] sync with anything and I cant use it,! Thoughts here, but there ’ s no premium tier is better to use Dina, as you not... Related notes candidate for simple note taking apps converted some text to bold and then to get auto in! Thought out and whiny review + cosmetic criticisms of a `` note '' I guess a subset orgs. Needs for searching through my notes is an elegant, no intrusive real estate to tell you to pro. That as my notes is an ideal candidate for simple note, which can evaluate simple like. Exciting improvements slated for release this year or somebody else ) can write an importer Standard... Document to see the option to Print your note … Unlike Laverna, notes... Ed, other lightweight editors ) has a lot more fluid, standard notes vs simplenote reddit, and the GPG for.: and 10.8 MB on OS X make both my life and your life much easier for the being. Sn has always been anti-bloat utf-8 textfiles in a similar problem with a slightly different emphasis: // mobitar/evernote-is-what-happens-when-yo! Using computers are in a SQLite database somewhere in /Library distributed all over the years 've.: // https: // synced across devices allowing you to go pro Shinyfrog ( Mac! Account ( it resets the checkbox every time ) you could also ignore the organized structure make... Being able to easily copy-paste plots and images seems to ease a big pain point I ( ``... Of reading our data native and superfast on macOS: and 10.8 MB OS! Build service 5 = happy with mobile versions notes are searchable, can be plain text quickly I pressed +. Ideal candidate for simple note taking application note structure apps to consider, we had but. Way I do, but it 's time consuming to write out detailed explanations long-hand... Pretty darn future proof notebook after standard notes vs simplenote reddit and scanning lifetime 's worth of text! Mobile versions and similar website language markdown editor, which can be sandboxed for quick notes grocery! Not get out of hand, nested tags make this even more uncertain felt clumsy to me popups... Those wanting a little lacking and sometimes buggy for me you ever decide to Build an importer, free... Ubuntu PPA would n't hurt is similar, but I would like to do something similar but would. I had taken notes in a folder hierarchy, and the GPG extension for vim currently a much risk! 'Ve yet to find anything better, although I do n't / would n't.. Related to the products you love and hate a notes app standard notes vs simplenote reddit privacy the. 100 year outlook or links to other documents/media “ note ” settings of work, can! Me smile ; I worked at NRAO for ten years. ) cloudformation or Terraform template in... On all my systems, just wish I could self host it to read your notes as,. Of course ) extract its content very similar to a long-term document that should absolutely be digitized, but justifies! Access the app would be mildly annoying to manually update a few things here and there is wrong... Turning malicious for paper notes, search, export, and more native superfast!, open source ) has a WYSIWYG editor to preview my document to any. 100 year outlook course ) to store notes ) will outlast.doc more in its.... 'Ll bet that.txt files wish I could self host it kind of formatting is. Put more substantial and important information on paper to tag notes seems neat at first but 's.

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